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  • To run educational institutions freely to the Needy, Poor, Orphans and Disabled students.
  • To conduct Aids Awareness Programmes among the Public.
  • To Conduct Health Camps and Provide Medicines, Free of cost in the society as well as in the Jails.
  • To run Old Age Homes and Orphanage Homes, for taking care of aged poor and needy men and women and disabled persons.
  • To provide Scholarships for poor students.
  • To provide Medical Facilities or Medical Help to the poor, deserving and disabled persons.
  • To provide arrangements for Marriages of poor and disabled persons freely.
  • To provide income generate training programmes by conducting Tailoring and Embroidery learning centres to Women to attain self-sufficiency in Rural and Urban areas and to help the Widows and Orphans and disabled persons.
  • To honour and or help the meritorious poor and needy persons in different fields such as, Education, Sports, Science & Technology etc.,
  • To conduct cultural activities on national important days etc., in the society as well as among the Prisoners in the State and Central Jails.
  • To provide cloths, books and other facilities also to the children of prisoners who are in the schools run by Jail Authorities.
  • To do all such things, which are necessary to better the position of women in the society.
  • To provide income generate programmes by conducting Motor Training classes to poor, Orphanage, needy persons and unemployed youth freely to attain self-sufficiency.
  • To do such other objects of general public utility and which is in charitable in nature which does not involve the carrying on of any activity for profits.